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Balance Exercise.

People who get older lose systems that help with Balance Exercise. Including vision, the inner ear, or leg muscles and joints. Exercise to strengthen your balance will help your body balance better. It also prevents falls. In general, This type of exercise can be done

Prevention of heatstroke.

Heatstroke is a condition in which the body’s temperature is too high. It is caused by exposure to extremely hot air or prolonged exercise without the body being able to cool itself down normally. The symptoms may occur when the body’s temperature rises to 40 degrees

Benefits of cardio exercise.

If cardio exercise is done properly. It will bring many benefits in terms of physical health. or help improve mental health. The benefits that will be received are: Helps in losing weight.If cardio exercise is combined with diet control. It will help you lose weight and control

Treatment of muscle pain.

Treating muscle pain caused by common causes From doing activities in daily life. You can treat or relieve pain yourself at home. By the following method fitness: Mild pain can usually be treated at home. But if these symptoms occur together with pain. You should

Cause of depression.

Depression is a disease caused by many factors. Overall, it is psychological, parenting, and environmental factors that make oneself more likely to view themselves negatively. Childhood may be abandoned or using violence Or is there a psychological distance between the patient and the parents? Or have raised a child that is not quite

How to drink coffee to benefit no harm to the body?

The “caffeine” in coffee has both advantages and disadvantages. Of course, drinking too much. May interfere with sleep at night. This includes “caffeine addiction” that can cause headaches, tremors, and other side effects. When you can’t have coffee. But drinking coffee in the right way and in the right amount. May allow the body to benefit