Manchester United boss criticize Casemiro performance

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Manchester United boss refuses to criticize Casemiro performance, points out this is a problem for the whole team.

• Manchester United lost to Crystal Palace 0-4.
• They must continue to work hard if they want to play European football next season.

Manchester United manager Eric ten Hag refuse to comment on the performance of Casemiro, a defender Who made mistakes in the last Premier League game, losing 4-0 to Crystal Palace.

Manchester United’s 13th defeat in the Premier League this season has left them eighth in the league, meaning they will miss out on European football next season. While there are three games remaining, in this game Casemiro was heavily criticized for his defensive performance that clearly made mistakes. But Ten Hag sees it as a matter for the entire team.

“The first goal conced we had five players in the defensive area.

And we shouldn’t have conceded a goal like that. Because everyone’s defensive duties are very clear. We should be able to protect that door. But they didn’t do that. And we were punished It was a really bad game.”

“You can’t say it’s any one person’s fault. It is a problem ทางเข้า ufabet for the whole team,” Ten Hag said.

Manchester United if they miss playing European football this season. It will be their first season since 2013-2014, where they finished seventh. The team still has one more FA Cup up for grabs, with the winner qualifying for next season’s Europa League. Where they will face Manchester United. Manchester City on 25 May 2024