From that day to today of “Martin Edegaard”

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From that day to today of “Martin Edegaard“.

At this moment, eight years ago. The young Norwegian from his hometown club Stromgotsede made headlines across the football world. After circling his footballing abilities for several clubs, Martin Edegaard settled on Real Madrid. The salary offered by Real Madrid is also very high. For 16-year-old players, including offering coaching jobs to the footballer’s father who was his son’s first coach

The €4 million deal. Which took place in January 2015, was a big deal for the Norwegian club. and is a daring rejoicing and challenge the players a lot. When in the team he chose. There were many top players in the way but chose to prove himself that he was good enough or not Ultimately “good enough, but not enough”, Erdegaard didn’t get as many playing opportunities as he hoped. And don’t get pushed And supported in the first team ascent in the Zinedine Zidane era. The image of his wonderkid still lingers in the memory of many. And not with Real Madrid, which is against Real Madrid that they see the potential of the player. but not ready for the push when the person in front of him There are people with similar potential. more experience and join the team Over Edegaard’s time at Real Madrid. He was list for 11 first-team appearances in all competitions. And his path is to leave to play on loan to 4 clubs.

Including Arsenal.

If you’re only 16 or 17, being at Real Madrid first team would be a beautiful dream. But if you’re 22 or 23 years old, wearing a Real Madrid shirt and claiming that you’re a Real Madrid player, it’s not as joyous as yesterday. If you’re someone who sits on the sidelines watching your friends play. In many games, you’re the spectator. Who’s left out of the team even as a substitute. Of course, some people may be happy like that. But not for Edegard. He was too young to satisfie with this. And moving the team must happen inevitably.

Erdegaard at that time had a lot of options either in the two countries he played for during his previous loan spell, the Netherlands, or to continue playing in La Liga, Spain. I don’t know, Edegard listens to every offer more than wages. is the team work plan of every proposal Which moving to Arsenal in January 2021 won him over with the plans of the Arsenal team.

Mikel Arteta and Edu Gaspar presented the clearest concept of work to him. Work plan in a team with edegaard on the team team building philosophy. And the plans for the three years of the club. Which Edegaard admitted he was very impressed. And a move to the Premier League is something new to try for him.

“People want to showcase their work with the team and want their work to work together.”

His loan period with no option to buy ended up in 20 games in about 5 months, creating quite an interesting performance. While with the Norwegian national team. He was officially given captain’s armband in March 2021. Although Arsenal failed that season. The team finished eighth in the Premier League, not playing in European football the following season.