‘Dogu’ admits he needs to be more calm when in possession of the ball.

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Jeremie Dogu has recalled what he learned after making his Manchester City debut, admitting he needs to be more calm in possession . with “The Blues” in a game that went back and forth to defeat West Ham 1-3 and scored his first goal and was a successful goal for the team early in the second half. The team’s new winger reveals what he learned after getting the chance to make his debut with the team. “From the last game I learned that you have to be calm.  ufabet https://ufabet999.com/

The most important thing is not to lose the ball. I can still improve on that. “ It’s about being calm when we have the ball and being confident in our play. I wanted to improve on this but today I was able to do that. “ It was a pleasure to get on the field with my new teammates. Of course I like playing with them. On TV they are really great. But in reality, they are much better than that.”

Dogu also recalled his first goal in the last game.

He said: “We started the game from the back, set up the game and looked for a free player. Alvarez passed the next ball. hair I tried to move the ball sideways. Speed ​​up and go 1-1 and decide to score.”

“I tell you this, it might seem easy but it’s not easy. It was a great goal.”