Arsenal has officially unveiled “Kivior”, the defensive line of the Polish national team.

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Arsenal has officially unveiled “Kivior” The defensive line of the Polish national team.

Arsenal new defender Jakub Kivior was please. After signing a transfer from Spezia. The clubs in Serie A finish.

22-year-old defensive line. Polish national team degree Sign long term contract until mid 2028. And will receive the club’s No. 15 shirt. Watch Arsenal’s recent 3-2 win over Manchester United. Before their official debut the follow day.

“The first time I saw my name on an Arsenal shirt. I laughed with joy. It was an unbelievable moment. To be at the top of a move to play for a top club.”

“I’ve always dreamed of playing in the Premier League, I know it’s not easy. I will do my best for that opportunity. Because this is one of the biggest dreams. Best league And I’m extremely excited.”

“Getting interest from Arsenal. and moving to work together For me it’s a very big deal. This is a top club. So I almost didn’t even think. I love football, I love passing the ball. and the team that passes the ball back and forth to create chances. And I’m happy to be in the kind of team that plays the way I like.

“I remember Wojciech Szczesny and Christian Bilick use to play here. I haven’t chance to talk to Chesney yet. We meet in the national team. What is it. And he said that if he thinks he can help, you can talk to him right away.”

“I just came to watch a game at the stadium yesterday. It was the first time for me and I sat and watched the game as a fan. It was a great experience. Happy that the team got the results they want. And looking forward to the field for the team