Payout rate of Dragon Tiger card game.

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Payout rate of Dragon Tiger card game.

It is a bet according to the normal card layout that we have used before. If you have experience with playing cards. It can be seen that certainty of it may not 100% full. Sometimes you may have to place bets against the statistics. It is normal to have to do it. However, the decks are always useful to use. Therefore studying beautiful card layouts. That are worth investing in must be memorize. Because some items that we have joined to place bets The camp may explain only in front of the room what cards this room has. 

For the pay rate We will refer from one online casino website. That is popular and is the web that I use to use the service. Play various casino games on a regular basis. Which on this website There will pay rates as follows UFABET.

  • The winning tiger (Tiger) will have a payout ratio of 1:1 or 1 times, excluding capital.
  • The winning dragon (Dragon) has a payout ratio of 1:1.
  • A tie has a payout ratio of 1:8.

Counting cards, Dragon Tiger

For how to count the card points of the Dragon Tiger card game can easily counted. According to the cards of each page The points will counted as follows.

Betting position

For the betting position of the Dragon Tiger game There will be 3 main betting positions, namely Tiger wins, Dragon wins and Ties. Each position is detailed as follows.

1. Tiger wins: place a bet

for placing bets on this position Will win only when the cards of the Tiger’s side There is a card point close to or equal to 13 points, more than the card point of the dragon side.

2. Dragon wins (Dragon): place a bet

for placing bets on this position Will win only when the card of the Tiger’s side has a card value close to or equal to 13 more than the Tiger’s card point.

3. Always (Tie)

For this position to place bets. will be very difficult As a result, this position has a higher payout rate than other positions. This position will only win when The cards of both sides have the same card value.

For how to play Tiger Dragon card games, will let friends choose to place bets. Which will have to choose to place bets in 3 positions together, i.e. Tiger wins, Dragon wins and draws. In each play round, there will be approximately 15-40 seconds to place bets (the time depends on the table and the online casino website. selected to play) before the dealer stops accepting bets and start dealing cards Then measure the result of losing and winning.