Treatment of muscle pain.

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Treating muscle pain caused by common causes From doing activities in daily life. You can treat or relieve pain yourself at home. By the following method fitness:

  • Rest your body from activities that cause pain.
  • Take painkillers such as ibuprofen  and paracetamol.
  • Apply hot compresses and cold compresses for the first 1-3 days. Apply a cold compress with ice wrapped in a cloth on the area with pain. And after that, apply a hot compress to relieve symptoms and reduce inflammation.
  • Stretch and exercise sore muscles with caution UFABET  
  • Get enough sleep. Or do activities that help relieve stress. Such as yoga or  meditation.
  • Exercise regularly, such as walking , cycling ,  swimming, or aerobics. which can help restore muscles to good health. Avoid lifting heavy objects during muscle pain.

Mild pain can usually be treated at home. But if these symptoms occur together with pain. You should see a doctor immediately.

  • The pain is still there. After taking or increasing the dose of lipid-lowering drugs in the statin group ( Statins )
  • Treat yourself at home for 2–3 days if symptoms do not improve.
  • Have severe pain for no apparent reason or experience symptoms of muscle weakness.
  • There is a red rash and swelling in the area where there is muscle pain.
  • Experienced pain after changing regular medication.