How to drink coffee to benefit no harm to the body?

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The “caffeine” in coffee has both advantages and disadvantages. Of course, drinking too much. May interfere with sleep at night. This includes “caffeine addiction” that can cause headaches, tremors, and other side effects. When you can’t have coffee. But drinking coffee in the right way and in the right amount. May allow the body to benefit from it fully.

  1. Pay attention to your symptoms after drinking coffee.

like drinking alcohol If we know the symptoms and the limits of one’s own diva. How many cups of coffee can we drink without feeling the effects of caffeine too much. That cause our hearts to tremble, our hands tremble or insomnia? We will know the right amount to drink per day. In which each person has a different amount of caffeine that the body can tolerate. Including the type , the intensity and the lightness.

  1. Choose to drink without sugar.

Most people who drink gain weight. This may be due to the added sugar that comes with the added. If you are addicted and want to really benefit from the caffeine should choose black or Americano to get the taste and benefits of pure coffee Excluding sugar and others added

  1. Do not drink coffee until it interferes with sleep.

Another big problem for people who like to drink. Is drinking in inappropriate amounts or times, such as in the evening, that causes the effect of caffeine to interfere with sleep insomnia. Therefore, refrain from drinking after 4-6 pm onwards.